How to Make A Dalek

In anticipation of the fourth season of the new Dr Who this weekend, I have been getting crafty with modelling clay and a few pipe cleaners to make my own small scale Dalek Legion. And guess what? You can do it to!

You'll need: A lump of modelling black clay; some white pipe cleaners; a couple of double-headed thumbtacks; and finely tuned artistic ability...

First, you need to make your Dalek foundation. This will be the basis for your modelling:

To get this shape, you need to take your clay firmly in hand and just keep moulding.

You may think you'll never get there, but trust me you just need to be patient. Don't be afraid to use pressure, as the clay can totally take it. Also, the warmth from your hands creates a nice glossy veneer on your model.

Next. Place a three thin sausages of clay around the 'head' of the Dalek:

Then proceed with shaping the tiny balls.
I found that to make the balls stick, a little lick will do the trick nicely.

Next, stick a sharp object like a pin or nail into the head to make a decent sized hole:

This is where your 'Dalek Radar' thingie sticks out. You make this with your pipe cleaners, a little knob of clay, and some tin foil:

Et, Voila!

You've gots yourself a Dalek!

I hope you enjoy making this at home as much as I did. Right now I only have one, as I simply didn't have the energy to do it all again in the same afternoon.