I'm Moved..to Make a Confession

This morning two very chipper guys in shirts and shorts waded into our worldly goods and wrapped each vase, each piece of pottery, each mother$%&*%g piece of mother($&%ng tiny, infinitesimal playmobile f%$#@kng pirate ship in premium quality shipping paper. Husband and I (kids at daycare) watched them intently, hoping to exude energy and a sense of being involved, even while we didn't lift a finger (because we weren't supposed to) and fervently whispered in the back kitchen over the guilt we both felt over the fact that we didn't lift a finger.

So now we sit watching the the crappy tv (the Big Fuck Off TV of 10 year wedding anniversary having been sold and happily carted off several weeks back now) rugless, coffee-table-less, dining-set-less. The garage sale last weekend proved very fruitful (and my husband nary shed a tear over whoring his various power tools, miter saws, and googynad watsit machines) but lord we still have so much more shit to unload.

But now, at least, there is no choice that it is nothing but shit to unload. Suddenly, when you are faced with the option of unloading or carting as precious cargo to England in your minimal luggage allowance, you become all the more mercenary (Let's just say I chucked out a lot of lumpy bras today) (I know I should handwash) (Deep sigh...)

Oh, and uh, I have a confession to make.

we ended up not shipping the bed...

Don't leave! Let me explain! Let me present the evidence.
1. Miniature Worlde English "Master" (
Master! Hahaha) Bedrooms. Stress of finding a place for it to fit and/or pay storage fee
2. Many more thousands of dollars to include it in the shipping costs.
3. My husband declaring that a) he didn't want to be lumbered with a black bed for years to come,
because we shipped it, after all.. and b) I want to make another one. Better.

Whatever you say, dear.

The pitcher? Well, the good pitcher is wending its way to some dock, USA. The battered pitcher? Its fate is yet to be determined.


Motherhood Uncensored said...

Okay bla bla. You're not shipping it.

What ARE you doing with it??

Anonymous said...

Wow. Getting rid of things is difficult for me. I wonder if I could do that.

I'm attached-deeply--to every speck of dust.

I take my hat off to you and H for not shipping the bed. It will still be out there in the world making other people happy. It was not all in vain. And you will get a better one!! Plus, there are the memories.

cinnamon gurl said...

Ok, so I'm already feeling fragile and overwhelmed, but between the anniversary post (and the husband booking a babysitter, flowers and reservations -- what a fantasy!) and the bed not being shipped because your husband wants to make a better one... well, I'm a bit verklempt.

Good for you! What are you doing with the bed? Wanna ship it to Ontario? ;)

gingajoy said...

Thanks guys:) Actually, the bed is going to our good friends who offered to take care of the dawg, so we're very happy. It will be at their Lake cottage, so I have high hopes we'll see it again when we crash uninvited at their place for our "summer hols" for years to come;-)

Lawyer Mama said...

Well, I'm glad the bed is going to a good home. Otherwise, I was going to have to make quite a road trip to come rescue it!

Lindy said...

There's an Ikea near Manchester you can buy a bed until Hubs makes you a new one.
You'll just have to go bra shopping when you get here. Apparently there is a place in MCC that is fab. The sales woman takes one look at your saggy badly supported tatas goes into the back and then returns w/ some boulder holders what will fit like a glove. I've been planning on checking the place out for a while. My tatas have seen better days and I need all the help I can get!!

Anonymous said...

This whole process is so surreal.

I understand your reasoning re the bed, and I'm glad you might get to have conjugal visits with it.

Julie Pippert said...

At least it has a good home.

At least you didn't have to lift a finger.

Hopefully...smooth sailing for you.

Ravin' Picture Maven

Anonymous said...

I was so ready to drive to Michigan to buy the bed, too.

I love that thing. In your photo, it's gorgeous!

Mom101 said...

I'm trying to look at the empty home and teeny tv as a throwback to the romantic, lean, college days. Maybe? Kinda?

A little?

Anonymous said...

We've made the transatlantic move several times. The bed decision? Probably a good one since bed sizes always seem just marginally different in the UK to the US so when you're buying new bedding, it's never quite right. Something is just slightly off.

Most important things to shift 3,000 miles will always be the deeply personal stuff and the kids' crap. When the 'removal van' (moving truck) arrives at your UK home, though, your enormous pleasure at having so much of your familiar bits and pieces will outweigh any lip chewing, nail gnawing agony you previously may have experienced.

Good luck with everything. Moving is so exciting and energizing (in an exhausting sort of way) and moving somewhere so new even more so. Have fun with it all!

josetteplank.com said...

I, too, am glad the bed has gone to a good home.

Not as good as my home, but a good home nonetheless. (Is "nonetheless" one word?)


Anonymous said...

I am completely at your disposal for help with unloading the rest of the stuff you aren't shipping. I'd be happy to fill my van with anything that you want to give to Goodwill or the Salvation Army. Just call!

I promise not to photograph your things and post them on Flickr and Table for Five under the headings "I touched Gingajoy's stuff!". I promise.

Anonymous said...

If you haven't sold the bed, I'll buy it.

No shit. I'll pay for the shipping.

Unlike you, I'm not cheap.

Snicker. Kidding. Unlike you, I'm not moving across the ocean and paying an arm, leg and small child to have my possessions carted off to a new home.

Besides, I liked the bed. And I need one.

Gunfighter said...

I told you to send me the pitcher for shoot em up friday!

It's only right that you get the vsceral joy that comes from seeing said item blown to smithereens!



BOSSY said...

Beds are a dime a dozen. It's what happens in them that's priceless. Definitely don't forget to ship The Husband to England.

Rusti said...

I wish you all the best in your move!! Should we post pictures for you of the lovely trees next month or so when the leaves change and Michigan hits it's Fall-season peak?

I hope the new bed is even more beautiful than your current one... which I thought was gorgeous by the way! Does your husband want to build me a bed before you go? No? Well, doesn't hurt to ask right?

Tere said...

Well, since he wants to make another bed, o.k. You don't have to ship this one. ;-)

ewe are here said...

A better bed? Wow! I'm sure it will be brilliant.

I'm glad the 'old' bed is going to a good home... you can visit.

Marmite Breath said...

Joy, I know you're moving to England and all that crap, but would you please POST SOMETHING FOR ME TO READ!

Thank you,

An impatient reader of your blog

Kelly said...

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