I Blog, Therefore I Think.

Last week, Oh The Joy's gave me a Thinking Blog Award (last week I could think, y'see). Anyway, this is one of those pay it forward things.

I would like to bequeath a Thinking Blog Award to the following folks who normally get this old brain matter a-churning.

Toyfoto for Changing of the Gardisil. If you want a balanced discussion of why this whole Gardisil business is a tricky one for many of us, I highly recommend this post. I'd also like to tack on award for "most generous commenter" (apart from Ozma and Doow, who also need a prize from me on this one).

JenEx for A Really Long Post About Infertility and Pregnancy and Adoption. Jen's story may be familiar if you read Amalah's Daily Dose at all, and it's a fascinating one, but if you've not gone over there, check out this post and also her Greatest Hits list on the right of her blog. The story of Li's adoption had me waste many a work leisure hour, I can tell you. Since reading this, I've been a frequent visitor over there--the lady can write up a storm.

i-obsess for Sticking it Out. Lots of us experience darker and more ambivalent moments in this whole blogging thing. Some of us write about it. And some of us write about it with a rawness that can be both disarming and deeply recognizable. i-obsess is a writer who can always touch the nerve, and sometimes make us see ourselves through that glass darkly. (and if you don't read her, you should, and also know that she's funny as hell much of the time).

Dad Gone Mad for It Ain't No Sin To Be Glad You're Alive. There's a whole lot more going on over there than amusing anecdotes about slacker parenthood . He's one of those writers who can shift from recounting the utterly asinine (themes on a fart) to moments where he truly has you reflecting on the meaning of it all. (life, death, children, love...) Oh. And he now has Hot Wife T-Shirts, and who doesn't need one of those???

Blog Whore for The Cat is Sick. Don't be fooled by the slutty nomenclature. This post about her spiritual life (and not her cat) is written with spare but lyrical introspection. It was when I read this post that I realized there's a whole lot more to BW than I had presumed (and I apologize for that, J).

Edited to add: so apparently there's some kind of telepathic lovefest going on between me, toyfoto, and i-obsess. i-obsess, already recipient of the award via Binky, tossed that burning chunk of love over to Toyfoto, who tossed it to me. So each of us now has at least two of these shiny things on our mantle. Consider us the Martin Scorceses of this here chunk of burning love blog-sphere. YA!


NotSoSage said...

Oh, the bloggy goodness abounds! Will there ever be enough hours in the day?

Thanks for your comments over my way. I hadn't heard of Martha Ballard's diary. I have a F/T job and the doula stuff is on the side (with a hope that I'll be in midwifery school in 2008), so it's always great to be directed to good reading.

S said...

I agree, notsosage. Too much reading, too little time, what to do?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the props, Joy. In return for your praise, I'm going to get your friend Tracey very drunk this weekend and would be happy to draw any information you may desire from her. Just say the word.

Debbie said...

mostly, I'm just proud of you for getting an award you absolutely deserve.

(and I'm really bashfully grateful that you think - uh, that I think.)

toyfoto said...

I can't believe I am on your list. I can't believe I'm on anybody's list.
And the generous commenter part is really choking me up. You have so much to say that I will never be able to articulate that I just have to let you know what you mean to me. I can't help myself.

sarah doow said...

You're hot.

flutter said...

I love this. There are so many brilliant women around. And men, oh yes and men!

Lawyer Mama said...

Great choices! I love all of them. And congrats!

Thanks for your comments on my blog. I enjoyed your discussion on Blogrhet & look forward to your mega post!

P.S. I've lurked here on & off for sometime, so now I'm officially delurking!

Mad said...

Ohhhhhhh, this meme is killing me. I can't read more. I must read more. Could someone please ask the internet to get smaller and to politely take weekends off?

Girlplustwo said...

nicely done. very.

karengreeners said...

my bloglines runneth over. thanks for the recos.

Kelly in Kansas said...

congrats on the thinking award!

Jeni said...

thanks for the nod. i want to particate in this, (bennie nominated me, too) but i've been so preoccupied with real life these days. i can barely muster the creativty to dot my 'i's and cross my 't's.

it's not the first time that someone has thought of me as surface and shallow. i suppose i like looking oneway and being another. it's my secret weapon. i tend to have a lot more to say when i am into my first glass of wine. sober, i am reserved.

ilker said...

Did you know? I recently got a brand new shiny dot com domain name! =)

Would you be so kind to change the links from ilkeryoldas.blogspot.com to www.thethinkingblog.com ?

Thanks a million!