Brought to you while I was swigging it from the bottle...

Here's a typical Sunday night conversation between me and my old man:

Me: OK. Look. No wine in the week, ok? No drinking at all. OK?
Him: Yes. You're right. Not in the week. Only at weekends.

Me: Because we just don't need the extra calories... And it's not healthy.

Him: Nope. No. You're right. We don't. Definitely not.

Me: Not to mention the expense.

Him: (Nods) Absolutely.

Me: We would save money. We need to save money

Him: (More vigorous nodding..)
Me: And more to the point, what sort of message are we sending our children? What about the children? How are we potentially endangering their very lives???? [Disclaimer: I never said this part]

Yes. These are the lies we tell ourselves.

By monday tuesday we've normally well and truly caved. He's calling me on the cell, ("Hi love, I'm stopping at the store, shall I....?"" YEEEES! for the love of God, YES! get wine. Two bottles. No. Make it three!!!") I mean seriously, this place is insane. So drinkies of an evening it would be (aaaaah!) This used to make me feel oh-so conflicted, but notanymore.
I would like to thank Meredith Viera and the Today Show in general for liberating me and giving me the strength to say a big fat YES to drinking-on-the-job (because [gasp] we are in the house with our children). Since the whole debacle hit the fan on Monday, I've been guzzling back an evening Chard (or two, or even three) with impunity, with passion and noisy chugging glee. It's my way of telling them all to shove it up their coiffed arses. And what a delightful way to do so!

Now. I need someone to buy me the t-shirt (hint hint--nothing says "I need to drink to exist with you in this house on this very special valentine's day, and I know you feel the same way" better. Right, my love, right?)


Jeni said...

merlot for me. one-two glasses everynight....

unless i have a bowl of ice cream...

then, for calories sake, i scap the wine.

the stuff life is made of.

Anonymous said...

Um, yes. Sort of (I have some extenuating circumstances at the moment). But overall, yes.

Trader Joe's is the answer for affordable wine. Some of the wine I've bought there for $4.99 is so good it will make you cry.

Mom101 said...

Ha, you're like me. Say abstain? I'm buying a case of Pinot. Say diet? I'm eating chocolate. I don't want something nearly as much as when I think I can't have it.

Karla Zamora, Digital Analyst said...

I so know what you mean...we "tried" to cut back on the amount of booze that we buy during the week. But just like you it lasted until Tuesday. I have to say that I need a nice cold beer or a very good glass of wine almost every night with dinner. I like to blame it on my latin upbringing.

Anonymous said...

Are you KIDDING me?! Wine is the reason I don't eat nearly as much ice cream as I used to. Haagen Dazs must be on the verge of bankruptcy by now.