update on shoe situation (because you are so dying to know)

upon schlepping down the corridor towards man-colleagues in sneakered feet, aprox 1 hour ago... (note, man-colleagues have no clue about this here blog, or my latest quandary. so this is just weird. oh, and they are not even remotely metrosexual, so whats the deal with this?):

  • man-colleague 1: "wow, you look all secretary-esque in your sneakers and trench"
  • me: "HA ha ha ha HA ha"
  • man-colleague 2 (just joins group, does not hear first comment): "joy, what's with the secretary-esque look?"
  • me: "HA haha Ha ha ha ha"(mental note: you are soo getting blogged, mein comrades)
  • man-colleague 1: alls you need is a pair of little socks with pom-poms on the back...
  • me: "Ha hahaha HAHAHAHA. you guys.... oh, really. HA HAHAHAHaahahaha."


Anonymous said...

Is there anything more awkward than being forced to emit peals of coquette-ish giggles in answer to male colleagues priggish remarks? Ankle pom-poms, my ass!

Chaotic Mom said...

I feel the need to go buy some shoes today... ;)


zinalasvegas said...

Grrrrr! How rude!

The fashion critic for the WaPo once went off on DC working gals who did the sneakers to work gig and boy oh BOY did she unleash a torrent of venom!

Comfortable feet are the best revenge!

(I have Dansko pumps that I love!) And I agree with Ms. W. Vessel--I am a Mary Jane whore as well--I even have Mary Jane SNEAKERS. In black. www.zappos.com

gingajoy said...

i feel i should clarify, though my man-colleagues *are* indeed jerks, i am lucky enough to have a relationship with them where i can say "you guys are complete F^**&ing jerks" right to their face. and we're none the worse for it. i have, indeed, critiqued their wardrobes quite a bit. (for instance, man-colleague 1, sporting a *new* coat, said "I got this in 1993" to which i replied "hence the oversized back-vents. cool." he was, understandably, gutted, and said coat has not reappeared again. yes, i did feel a twinge of guilt.

because we have one of those (either completely healthy, or utterly destructive) work environments where comradery is built on the ritual of taking the complete piss out of each other--well,let's say i might have had it coming.

coquettish giggles. i can definitely see how it reads this way. next time i will imbue my "hahahhahahs" with a more shrill intonation that says "bite me assholes."

Anonymous said...

Sorry about the pom-poms on your ass... preparation H works for me:)

Metrosexuals are really just men that want to be women so I have coined my own term... retrosexual. I t requires that I practice the art of manlyness in a respectful manner treating all that I meet with dignity... regardless of gender...

Mom101 said...

My coworkers know that I blog. So know when they say something stupid they're all, "you're blogging this, aren't you." It's a great way to keep them in check.