time to put t'kettle on and bring out the rubber hoses... (or... do try this at home)

come back vera drake, all is forgiven.

it would be funny if it wasn't fucking true. south dakota has just decided to ban all abortions.

get your donations to planned parenthood now, folks...


Zoot said...

I felt sick when I read that yesterday. BAH.

puppytoes said...

you are a girl after my own heart! i almost sh*t a brick when i saw the first "news-flash" yesterday. (not that we didn't expect it...) sigh.

i knew we had a lot in common -- age difference be damned!

thanks for your comment on my post yesterday, by the way... lovelovelove the imagery of you and your husband dancing... sounds jus like us! (little scary, right? tee hee!) happyhappy!

Anonymous said...

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