semiotics and the can (or, how the intellectual content of my blog is degenerating rapidly...)

the design manager posted this little missive on the inside door of the toilet that is adjacent to our offices this morning...

[read: if you need to do something antisocial, please go get your stink on somewhere else. we're trying to project manage around here, 'k?]

This new note is in addition to two other pieces of signage that grace the walls in the loo. This one:

You can only imagine what prompted that one, can't you???? (miss you paula, kiss kiss)

And this one, in which we are instructed, in step-by-step specificity, how to run water and use soap:

and it struck me.. what filthy, filthy creatures we must truly be to warrant this barrage of disciplinary instruction. and also, how so very very lucky i am to have this foul receptable within flushing distance of my office.

ok, ok, tomorrow i intend to post on something that will do justice to the "it's not all about toilet and willy jokes" side of me. i have a phD for chrissakes.


Anonymous said...

Shortly after 9/11 I put up a sign in the little boys' room here at work that read:

"If you fail to flush, the terrorists have already won."

No one but me thought it was clever.

puppytoes said...

ya know what? this works for me! and i don't have a ph.d., tho' i do i think of myself as well-educated and i've been pretty dang successful over the course of my life. that said, i also like fart jokes. go figure!

great post/blog... thanks for stopping by/commenting on mine... and (finally) i'll be back!
: )

Inside the Philosophy Factory said...

In grad school there was a mysterious sign that said something like, "if you sprinkle when you tinkle, wipe it up, we know who you are".

It was in the ladies room on our floor and that year there were about 5 female grad students and 2 female secretaries -- no female facutly... (that is another rant).

It struck me that at the warehouse where I worked, we'd just discuss it, someone would fess up and it would be over.. .no passive-agressiveness there.