psssst... don't tell anyone, but...

despite the fact that i have spent the massive of majority of my adult life accumulating degrees in literature [Lit-Tra-Chaaa] i am not really a poetry person. don't get me wrong, i can appreciate stein, and auden, and yeats along with the best of them, but i am not one to "curl up with a book of poetry" if you know what i mean.

anyway, several years ago, as part of a now defunct (i.e. unfunded) project on michigan writers, i had the chance (along with two great colleagues) to meet and interview Thomas Lynch. michigan's very own undertaker poet, and winner of the American Book Award. i remember being very star-struck when, after asking him if he'd seen 6 feet Under (a show that i still believe to be pure fucking poetry) he replied by saying, "oh yes, Alan Ball brought me in to consult." w.o.w... (this might be sad reflection on me--ok, so you're a poet and all that, but you *know* Alan Ball. like. wow). anyway, lynch's poems are quirky and quite beautiful, and can make poetry converts of us all.

if you're interested in a short dose of poetry this fine day, then Lynch himself can be heard (and read) here. michigan's very own "undertaker poet" (and very much more). have a good weekend all.


Anonymous said...

It's funny that I relate to poetry the most when I'm the most miserable. It sort of kept me sane at times. But I can't even tell you the poems that did that.

I liked listening to the one about the creature he planned to bury in the backyard. I'll come back and listen to the rest later!

Poetry is probably more fun when it has nothing to do with your studies and livelihood.

Anonymous said...

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