not my precious TARGET.... noooooooo!

dear target,
along with many other likeminded women of my generation, i am a complete and utter devotee of you (we loved you so much, we even renamed you continental style--taj-ey). indeed, a couple of weeks ago, when weaker vessel waxed lyrical about her devotion to you, i commented in kind, and as a result we instantly bonded...

this speaks to your powerful and seemingly benevolent spirit. you had the capacity to bring women together. where else could i plonk tide into my cart one minute, and lovingly handle asian-themed home accessories and burnished, metalized handbags the next?

mall-deprived, where else could us working mothers who live in middletown, U.S. of A (and, i am sure, even harder-worked SAHMS) get in a bit of a fashion fix while at the same time performing our domestic duties for the sake of the family? where else can i buy fitted cotton tees, long enough to actually cover my gut, for $7.99? you gave me this, target. and so much more.

and that is what makes this all the more painful, for now, dear target, it seems you and i must part our ways (and when i say this guts me, i am not exagerrating in the slightest...)


As planned parenthood as put it:

"If Kmart, CVS, Costco and other chains can find a way to accommodate
employees while still ensuring that patients receive timely, on-site access to
their prescription medication, why can't Target?"

it's a sad, sad day. i know. but fellow target-devotees. if you remotely care about issues of reproductive freedom, then please join me and others in abstaining from the target fix until they get a fucking clue.... between us, we might just make a difference.

even better, write them a letter in protest (i plan to) feel free to pillage my friend jill's:

Robert J. Ulrich
CEO Target Corporation
1000 Nicollet Mall
Minneapolis, MN 55403

Dear Mr. Ulrich:

Due to the fact that I am angry about Target's policy on pharmacyrefusal and emergency contraception, I have closed my Target Visaaccount, and I will no longer shop in your stores.I am upset and betrayed by a company that I have admired andfrequented for years. In fact, I used to hold Target up as a decent(or, at least, apolitical) alternative to such corporations asWal-Mart. I bought completely into your expect more, pay lessphilosophy: "Expect more of everything: More great design, morechoices, more convenience, more service and more clothes, housewaresand designer-created items that you'll never find anywhere else. Andpay less."I expected more, and now I see that, really, there is no difference.I will not return to Target until your policy on emergencycontraception changes. Pharmacists should never be permitted torefuse any legally prescribed medication to their customers.By the way, this is the first letter of protest that I have everwritten to a corporation--and, with the exception of the computeritself, everything I used to compose and send this message waspurchased at Target.This situation makes me profoundly unhappy because I am giving up aweekly shopping chore that I actually used to enjoy.Sincerely,

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Anonymous said...

I know, the horror. I wrote them an e-mail about it several months ago. I can't remember exactly what I said, but it was something to the effect that the exact demographic that they are so keen on courting -- savvy, hip young women -- are precisely those who will be most offended by this kind of egregious BS. They sent me a rather piquant reply that challenged the accuracy of the claims that had been circulated in the media.

In truth, I think Target may have to officially announce its support for genocide, Nazism, Lucifer AND boy bands before I would actually consider boycotting them.