it's my party, and-i-will-indulge-in-shameless-self-promotion-of-my-birthday if i want to

it's only 10:45 am, and there have been multiple highlights to this day of me already. these include (but are not limited to)

--being paid court to in one's bed, and receiving bounteous gifts from my (lovely) old man, boy, and family. items included jewellry, crabtree and evelyn loot, kickass red shirt, and sarah vowell's assassination vacation. and yes, i did already get a sewing machine. and yes, i am one spoilt b'yatch.

(note to self, your mum always puts in something for grandson in every package that she sends. she is a good nanna like that. and that said something is always, without exception, delicious english chocolate directly from one's childhood--chocolate buttons, smarties, milky bars, and curly wurlys...--remember to place this package discreetly to one side before letting son rip into it at 6:30am and demand to eat it).

because a) the whole sugar on an empty stomach thing induces the crazy eyes and b) if he sees the loot with his own eyes first, this precludes mummy and daddy from digging into that stash in the interest of "he's had enough sugar today..."

--being a complete bad-ass mother' who, upon chauffeuring boyo to preschool, lets the car-bass reverberate to teeth-jangling levels to gorrillaz' "kids with guns." (another delightful gift).

--being sent an animated greetings card by one's coworkers with an rotund cartoon-man cavorting naked around the screen, emitting noxious fumes, and with the tag line "Curry Fart?" (this being an invitation to have indian food at lunch time).

--receiving the below birthday card from one's mummy and daddy... (in a gesture quite unlike them, and so appreciated all the more for it).

NOTE: before posting this image, i had some inner wrangling over how this might blow the "anonymity" thing. and then i snorted out loud because there is no way in freaking hell anyone would recognize me from this...

a) i now have something on my face that is called flesh

b) the angularity of the 16 yr old me, is utterly, utterly, gone... (sniff? nah!)

c) i no longer sport the ubiquitous 1980s bleached out home perm of which i was so fond (folks, that hair had been permed, blow dried, moussed, and hot-iron tonged. all before school).

[update: also, as i ponder this pic, i am struck by how goddamn conservative i was. (it *was* a school photo, btw). wassupwidat? i know there was a flat-top period in there somewhere, dammit. and then, of course, there are the false-eyelash wearing college years, where the truly whorish "90's-maddona-"i'm, like, in charge of my sexuality"-feminism" (please don't judge me) came in to being... ]

--still to come. an evening of close friends, booze, and fried chicken/cheese/potatoes/ice cream. whatever the hell we can get our hands on... nice!


Anonymous said...

Wow, woman, you weren't kidding about the ginger hair thing, were you? SO CUTE.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, a thousand times over. I knew you said it was coming up, but I didn't know you meant like, IMMEDIATELY. It's my dad's birthday today, too, incidentally.

I am so jealous of your presents! They all sound wonderful.

May your curry farts be silent and your birthday night extravaganza totally hedonistic and guilt free!

Anonymous said...

I am so thankful that, as a male growing up in the 80s, I was exempt from all home-perming.

You're a brave, brave woman.

Happy Birthday!

themikestand said...

Hot! You must have had a kickass blowdryer back then.

And happy birthday :)

Anonymous said...

HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You share it (same year and all) with my best friend from Kindergarten. All the best to you old lady!!!

Sweet picture...that is all I can say!

Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! 35? thirty-freaking-five???!?!? you are but a child...a mere babe (and a hot one at that... even a pic of you at 1/2 (ish) your current age shows what you had to work with and have surely built upon, my dear beautiful friend!)

anyway... hope the day continues to be full of happy surprises! (seriously...35? holy crap. you're just a kid. a kid, i tell you, a kid!!)

happy happy joy joy!! : D

MrsFortune said...

Dang, you do look conservative! Or maybe stoned ... :-)

Thanks for stopping by my place and I totally dig yours, too.

You live in East Lansing? I want to U of M but I can burn a couch with the best of 'em. :-) I spent many a weekend there in college.

MrsFortune said...

That's "went" to U of M. You can see how far my edu-ma-kayshin has gotten me.

sarah doow said...

Ooh I meant to leave a comment yesterday, but was evidently distracted by something. I don't know what, probably my own reflection...
Anyway, hope you had an absolutey spiffing, top-notch birthday and were thoroughly spoiled! :-)

Table4Five said...

Sorry it took me so long to stop by and wish you a happy birthday. Sounds like you had a great day!

I think that picture is cute, every body had the permed, moussed, blowndry and curled hair back then.

sheriffmitchell said...

I'm late... I know. Happy Belated Birthday.

Anonymous said...

I really liked your page. Good job. You have a super week.

Anonymous said...

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