i'm not a usability expert, but i play one in my job

so, as i was squinting at my own screen the other day, i thought to myself "nice job, joy. tell 'em how you have a job in "digital literacy research" and then create a blog which makes one's reader's eyes feel a mild stabbing sensation.

first rule of usability, "thou shalt not write white text on dark green background, for to do so sucketh big ones... even if thou dost have a teal fetish." so over a coffee break (see how i rationalize my prostination on this thing? it's a mere "break") i trolled for new template that are sassy yet usable.

and i realized, things could be much worse. so tell me, which one should i go for?

Teddy Bear's Picnic... how cute! it says "i value writing, but i'm not afraid of my cuddly side."

this designer knows what all the mommy bloggers really want..pictures of someone else's kids. all over your blog. awesome.

Or, my personal favorite. sexy yoga chick. doing her thing. all the sweaty-assed hell over your blog. nice.


Tracey said...

yoga chick. definitely. it says: i'm not afraid to get in touch with my isle of lesbos within.

Anonymous said...

I think I vote for 'Teddy Bears Picnic.' I remember that song. You would be doing it all ironic and stuff. Remember: No matter what pap you put up there, it's all good as long as you are being ironic.

I like your template. It says "I'm not pandering. I'm not afraid to challenge you. Can you read this? If not, ef off sucker! I'm not here to make you happy."

I hope you realize I'm just kidding.

As far as this template thing goes, I just don't get why people are so all over it. Why does it matter so much? It reminds me of the thing people have about their cars looking nice. Why does that matter? (Although I must admit that I get looking cool. For cars, that is. At least a little bit. But look at Choire Sicha's template. He's cool.)

Anonymous said...

Holy crap. I think I just went into a diabetic coma. It was either the bear or the babies. Please send insulin now. Too much saccharin...

Thus, one of them is your choice.

gingajoy said...

sweetney--it;s true, i am not afraid.

ozma--the idea that my blog's lack of usability might be an in-your-face gesture. as a pussy-assed non-confrontational type in real life, i like it.

sween--yes, these these might well be the hyper-refined carbs of template-design.

Bella Sultane said...

Hmm, I'm thinking yoga chick ( for a modern, mountain streamy sort of feel) or the teddy bears (I like the teacups).

Anonymous said...

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