"Don't Be a 'Fraid-Cat, Mother. There's No Danger"

"Life is so much more fun when one is not afraid. It is her happy
courage—the zest with which she welcomes every new delightful freedom—which is
the charm of the modern girl. What mother can bear to stay in the drab
shadows of middle life when such a daughter beckons back to

Youth—which will not tolerate senseless drudgery, the
slavery of old-fashioned ways.

It is to this demand of youth for the best
that Modess owes its remarkable

Manifesto for these new-found liberated 1920a gals to take up flying?

Think, instead, of wings with a "dry weave top sheet" and you'll be a little closer...

I am going to be offline for a few days, m'ladies (and lads). A-conferencing I will go. In my absense, i bring to you...

****Antique Feminine Protection Ads!****

I don't know about you, I simply can't get enough of 'em. And Duke's Ad Access has a whole plethora of ads for sanny towels, (no tampons, you sluts) deodorant, airlines, rouge... You name it. (a one-stop shop for all your feminist cultural studies needs)

See you in a few!


puppytoes said...

lovelovelove these ads! thank you for the great link! (can't wait to send it to my sister, who will get a kick out of it, as well!)

you'll be greatly missed while you're out "a'conferencing"--hope it all goes well and that ya get back to your bloggish ways sooooon!

ps... the move to typepad has actually been quite easy--it's a little adjustment getting used to it, but if i can do it, anyone can! (and i think it's safe to say you're much more blog-savvy than me, so i'm guessin' it'll be a cinch!) and, i have to say adjusting to a new "home" is much easier than trying to cope with the sucky blogger problems i've been having over the past week. once i get all my links listed in my new "home" it's sayanara blogger!

sheriffmitchell said...

enjoy the conference(s) - hopefully normal service will be resumed on your return.

Anonymous said...

Funny, whenever I think of life, courage and freedom, I DO think of a maxi mad with wings, by golly!

Mom101 said...

I looooove old ads. Maybe because I'm a third generation ad whore. Thanks for reminding me of my roots.

Anonymous said...

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