potentially more than you want to know

my name is joy, and this is my shiny new blog. for the last few years i have stalked multiple blogs, transitioning from lurker (sweetney made me delurk) to serial commenter (by now she might wish she hadn't). this year i decided it's time to get bloggy with it.

i am mom (or mummy) to jack (3.5) and wife to frank (38)

in my professional life i am work at a university (untenured, mind) and conduct research on digital literacy in the humanities and human-computer interaction. i also oversee a lot of website development. i place emphasis on the "oversee," because, as you will see, my css skills are just atrocious.

why the gingajoy psuedonym? i have a PhD in English (no fucking shit). this means at various stages i have been/will be a job whore. hollywood's got nothing on academia, peeps.
(read: i don't want to be googled and the phrase "job whore" to come up with my real name and bad grammar)

ginga (pronounced "sing-ah") is a brit slang term for a gingerhaired person. mick hutnall and ron weasley would both be categorized as "gingas." so would i.

i am a woman who came of age as a feminist in the so called "postfeminist" era. this meant that has 19 year old, i visciously defended madonna as an uberfeminist, who showed us that the ladies could wear lipstick, act like hussies, and be liberated. 16 years on i am slightly more cynical, which means i can now covet stilletoes while at the same time deconstruct their patriarchal legacy.

Other random facts (read on, or not..):

i hate to read certain books to my son because they bore the pants off me. these books include, but are not limited to:

  • thomas the tank engine (and percy, henry, and all those other goddamn engines. i do *quite* like "lady.")
  • curious george (the series. talk about thinly veiled postcolonial fantasy*)
  • babar (the series. *see above)
  • spider-man (the series) and especially hurry up, spider-man.
i am about to be 35, which is halfway to seventy. whoo hoo!

i am english (hence "mummy"). i live in the U.S. (hence the explanation).

because i am an ex-pat living abroad, i fetishize multiple things british and pay exhorbitant prices for products like marmite and salad cream. this is the equivalent of spending time in Tuscany, and actively seeking out and then paying through the nose for miracle whip.

as a teenager, i was obsessed with this person, and this synth pop group. so each time i go to bed, i pray like aretha franklin.

i grew up in canterbury, england and went to "geoffrey chaucer comprehensive school." my grandfather was a beefeater at the tower of london. no shit neither.

i got a BA in english here

i did not read a word of the canterbury tales until i came to grad school in east lansing, michigan, where they made me read it in fucking middle english.

i belong to a knitting circle (stitch n' bitch). right now i am on a mission to knit scarves for everyone i know...

i tend to drink, eat, and swear too much at times. but according to my friends, all this makes me a fascinating person.


Anonymous said...

Nothing like a swearing blogger. Go on Joy, turn the blog blue.

Keep up the posting - I'd like to hear more.

Troxel Adventures said...

me, too and where's my scarf dammit. :)

debbie said...

oh jesus, scritti politti! i SO had a thing for them when that album came out, too. to clue you in on how much of a dork i am: one of the favorite nicknames for our drooling babies was *spitti politti." oy, even typing that is painful! heh. and kate bush is genius. obviously.

gingajoy said...

debbie--"spitti politti" I see a new term for the drool creeping into our household;)

troxel--you knit your *own* lady (and see you at next SnB:)

Anonymous said...

I have found that marmite should be spread thickly on a piece of bread or cracker. None of this "scraping of marmite." Live a little and burn your tongue off!!

Kyahgirl said...

I'm so happy to meet you Joy. I have a special fondness for Brits in all their upfront, swearing, snarky glory!

Kyahgirl said...

Oh, and not to stereotype or anything :-)

Mocha said...

I can't knit. Not at all. I can crochet a little.

Please know that I am nearly 6 feet tall with an average sized neck and look good in Tiffany blue and chocolate browns. Together, they are de-lish.

In case that information is ever needed...

Anonymous said...

I love your frankness--and have gotten a great deal more laughs reading your blog tonight than I would have watching TV! Keep it up!

Liberal Banana said...

Found your blog through my own comments - looking forward to reading more!!! Great "bio!"

OhTheJoys said...

AAAAAAAAAAaaaaahhhhh - I detest Thomas the Tank Engine books - thin gruel, I say!

Thanks for your visit - honestly, I'm glad there wasn't more of a theological smackdown than there was... my Granny reads the blog and she is going to have "words" for me already, oh heathen blasphemer that I am!

Anonymous said...

Hello! You posted a comment in my blog a couple of months ago. I'm slow, which is why it has taken me so long to return the favor. I had to chuckle at your profile, since I had to read the Canterbury Tales in Middle English when I was in college and I don't think my brain has yet recovered. Anyway, good reading, lady! Talk to you soon!

Anonymous said...

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Jeni said...

i work on a campus, too. not faculity, but a state employee just renting space from the state school. love the youth, the energy.

Amy said...

I crave Hob Nobs. Like the dickens. Also, Smiths Crisps.

Anonymous said...

OMG - you said "35...halfway to seventy." And I'm so excited about that because? On my 35th birthday? My invitations read: Halfway to Seventy. And I invited seventy people. And fifty showed up. Was fabulous. This year, it's three dozen.

Beaman said...

Interesting to read which school you went to. I went to Simon Langton Grammar in Canterbury. :)

Anonymous said...

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