ooooh, my first meme. i feel all bloggy.

mike started this little three-meme. (threeme). he didn't tag, he just asked nicely.

Three albums you're currently loving:
--radiohead, amnesiac
--surfjan stevens, illinoise
--zero seven, simple things

Three albums that remind you of High School:
--abc, lexicon of love
--scritti politti, cupid and psyche 85
--prince, lovesexy (pop-fact about the coverart: prince's head is "reduced" to counter it's massive proportion to his naked little body)

Three albums that remind you of College/University:
--soul to soul, keep on movin'
--happy mondays, pills thrills and bellyaches
--kylie minogue, gold (don't ask)

Three albums everyone should have in their collection:
--the beatles, rubber soul
--nick drake, pink moon
--jamiroqui, synkronized

Three great albums you'd recommend to a friend:
--garden state soundtrack
--high fidelity soundtrack
--six feet under soundtrack
it's all about the soundtrack.

Three great albums recommended to you (that i have not got, yet):
--white stripes, get behind me satan
--neil diamond, 12 songs
--sigur ros, takk (some serious scandinavian shit, that is)

Last three albums you added to your collection:
--aqualung, strange and the beautiful (jury's out on that one)
--johnny cash, greatest hits
--surfjan stevens, illinoise.

Three albums you "rediscovered" from your past:
--roxy music, country life
--kate bush, hounds of love
--madonna, ray of light

Three artists/bands from your country that you think are / were great:
--david bowie

Three artists/bands from another country that you think are great:
--the wiggles (australia)
--gorrillaz (where are they from, again?)

Three defunct or dead artists / bands you love:
--elliot smith
--nick drake
--rolf harris (australia)

Three podcasts/radio shows you listen to regularly (i only wish Ross and TAL were downloadable)

--ricky gervais
--jonathan ross (saturday morning show).
--this american life (downloadable via audible, but i am too cheap)

Type of mp3 device(s) you currently own and use:
--old school, circa 2001 ipod. 20gb. big, white, and a usability disaster.

Favourite Accessories:
--a nice purse--coordination with shoes optional
--my "i'm making a statement" (don't look at my stained shirt) big necklace
--plastic baggies of goldfish crackers--preferably crumbed all through lining of purse (see above)


themikestand said...

Y'know, I'm quickly learning that my "liking" of this meme is turning into pure, unadulterated musical lust. Thank you from the bottom of my (seemingly bottomless) iPod.


Anonymous said...

Gorillaz is from the UK. Well... at least, sort of...

Maybe you could say they're "virtually" from the UK.


My head hurts trying to figure that out.

gingajoy said...

yep, i think i was just lying to myself so i could cram someone else i like into the "from somewhere else" category. apparently i lack the intellectual capacity to think about bands outside whiney english boys.

and i forgot my special boy: Badly Drawn!!!

i am so sorry, Badly.