because the world just needs one more Lost post

Sayid, why are you forsaking us? why do I find your torture persona disturbingly attractive? why could it not have been someone other than super-flimsy shannon who gave you the crazy-with-grief eyes. (oh, ok, so she was a ballet dancer--what deep soul we discovered before she was massacred)

Jack, oh, Jack. why has everyone forsaken you? why, oh why, does no one listen anymore?

Locke. give it up. are you the island's spiritual core? what gives with the rash of violent behavior countered with the "violence isn't the answer" approach?

Sawyer. are all your gestures of humanity to be swiftly undercut by extreme acts of cruelty now? what small woodland creature will you pray upon next?

Hugo. now we know why four months on the island have not made you the world's biggest loser. you bad boy. (scriptwriters, what clever thinking on that one--"uh, I know, like, we thought Hugo gave away all the food, but really, he, uh, kept a massive stash so he stays on the brawny side. yeah, that'll work. yeah. right. sorted.)

Brother Justin/AKA soldier man that made Sayid the torturing bastard he is today. i am psyched there is another role for your malevolent sole. there'd better be plans to get you on that island, s'all i'm saying.