Mother of Two Piddles the Day Away...And is Lovin' It.

Today I am enjoying a day off from work. I am at home sans children. This is a rare and wonderous thing. Last night, as I lay my head to sleep, I made a mental list of all the things I would Get Done On My Day Off.

This list included:

--Color hair (and yes, I am a natural redhead, but the grays--they are impinging...)
--Add "illuminating highlights" to hair.
--Clean downstairs bathroom
--Go to gym
--Stop by at work to pick up some items I want to work on over the weekend
--Pack for weekend trip to in-laws
--Weed garden
--Buy cute summer outfit for baby for weekend trip to in-laws
--Take a nap

So far the list looks like this:
--Color hair (and yes, I am a natural redhead, but the grays--they are impinging...)
--Add "illuminating highlights" to hair.

--Clean downstairs bathroom (closest I have come is to peer closely at the sink and toilet and think "I need to get the bleach out on that one...")
--Go to gym (By this, I obviously meant: Go to refrigerator and eat 3 cheesesticks and a slice of cheesecake. Stop a moment and think "I need roughage" and have an apple. For health).
--Stop by at work to pick up some items I want to work on over the weekend (or: blog incessantly)
--Pack for weekend trip to in-laws (stalk various British expat and job sites and dream of England)
--Weed garden (blog incessantly)
--Buy cute summer outfit for baby for weekend trip to in-laws (get dressed)
--Take a nap (I think I can do that. But first I need to blog incessantly. Then a shower's not a bad idea either...)

My crowning achievement? I am now an official L'Oreal Couleeeeeeuuuur Experte. For I have used the Expert Multitonal Color System on my now "Beautiful, Rich shade of Ginger Twist, with Golden Copper Brown Illuminating Highlights" hair. And I will say just this about the "illuminating highlights"--No it is not as easy as putting on mascara. Unless you're Tammy freakin' Fay, that is...

So far this day is a resounding success. I have pretty much done nothing. O rare and beauteous thing. If the kids were not going to be needing a ride home in an hour or two, I'd be getting buzzed just about now. But you can't have everything. There is more cheesecake in the fridge, after all.

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Lawyer Mama said...

Pretty much my day too, only without the hair coloring. Our office is closed for Harbor Fest, which in SE Virginia, is like Mardi Gras only with less nudity.

Woman with kids said...

And the pictures are where?

gingajoy said...

WWK--the pictures will come once I've showered, put on make-up, and got the lighting "just so.":)

slouching mom said...

Unless you're Tammy freakin' Fay, that is...

Ahh, that special gingajoy wit.

Crack me up, you.

doow said...

When I grow up, I want to be like Tammy Fay.

shauna said...

You're a hoot! Loved the post. Good luck.

Mom101 said...

I could have written this almost verbatim, although not nearly as funny. I even had a hair coloring appointment today (yes, I have someone do it for me) but canceled because I would surely crash my car and die with the amount of sleep I'm on right now. Yet another reason I don't do my own hair color.

flutter said...

I find Tammy Faye delightful and understated.

karrie said...

A day of nothing sounds perfect.

Bobita~ said...

Ah, yes. Ending the day with a glass of red to go with the Ginger Twist and Golden Copper would have been perfection...

Can't wait to see your prowess with the L'Oreal!

Redneck Mommy said...

Sounds like your day was much like mine. With out the hair dye.

I'm a natural blonde.

I have no greys.

I also have a stylist who helps me stay a natural blonde.

thailandchani said...

If I get a vote on what you'll do all weekend, it will be "blog incessantly". :)

Fun post. Thanks.



Joy, of course! said...

It's amazing to me how you can make doing nothing so interesting to read.

Christine said...

I wish I had cheese cake, too.

Sounds like a really good day to me!

Did I say i wish I had cheesecake?

Lindyloo said...

Just wanted to give you another website to check out- we were thinking of moving after having the Squidge and this site helped w/ making the decision and knowing what areas are 'good'- www.upmystreet.com

gingajoy said...

ladies--two days after the dye job, I am not sure. In certain lights it is a bit of an odd hue. Before anyone sees me in person or pictures are posted--a professional might well be employed.

But yes, I can certainly make doing nothing into an art form. Why thanks!

Lindyloo. I Lindyloove you for this link. Very helpful.

Suldog said...

All I heard was "cheesecake." Yum!

Her Bad Mother said...

Yeah, um - PICTURES? Am having Joy withdrawals and need some visuals to help with the fantasies.

Mary G said...

I have the day alone and I have been blogging pretty well nonstop since breakfast. No cheesecake, tho. Sigh.
My hair is an unlovely shade of yellowed white. I dip it in a cholorinated swimming pool daily which helps to maintain its awesomeness. Do you suppose a purple rinse would....no?

Kelly said...

Ahhhhhh...a day to myself sounds like a veritable paradise I'm not sure I could quite recover from.

I never understood how L'oreal people think self-highlighting is easy. I'm the adventurous sort, but that tiny tube of color and accompanying wand proved too difficult for me.

Mimi said...

Oh, see, now that you've put up the photo of Tammie Fay, I may never sleep again. Eeek.

I took the day off today, because I'm SICK. So I napped for three hours. Three wonderful, boogery, hacking-cough hours. Wonderful.