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Yes. I know I have three more Unmet Goals to laboriously recount to you. The reason for my tardiness? Goal #3, actually do some real work at my real job for a real change.

So, I have been working at my real job. Has it been real work? Sadly, I don't think so. (deep sigh...)

See also, Goal # 4: Write deeply fascinating and revelatory post on either

a) Moving Back to England
b) Becoming A U.S. Citizen
c) Wanting to move back to England, and seriously thinking about it, but at the same time being scared shitless by the prospect, and thinking we'll stay put, and so thinking it would be nice to be able to vote the next election....so I think I might become a citizen.

Yeah. It's total inner turmoil of the mindfuck variety, and not something I seem to be able to grasp mentally, let alone write about. But I'm working on it.

Meanwhile, this lovely lady makes me hanker for Old Blighty all the more. Have you read Antonia of Whoopee? You must.

I discovered the The Framley Examiner through her. It's like The Onion but with liberal usage of the word "bollocks." The best section by far is The Personals.


MsPrufrock said...

England is mine, and it owes me a living. Ahem.

Well, if you do move back to the UK make sure it's when the dollar is stronger. It's so crazy at the moment, but I'm sure I don't need to tell you that.

I need to go check out this Framley Examiner. Any site that uses "bollocks" is A-OK with me.

neva said...

msprufrock took the words right outta my mouth (damn her anyway! hopefully she at least washed her word grubbing hands) uh, where was i? oh yeah -- well, despite the fact that the aforementioned word grubbing prufrock snatched the words from out of my fucking mouth before i could say 'em first and/or more succinctly, anyone who uses the term "bollocks" with abandon, reckless and/or otherwise, is OK by me! ; )

don't move back to England. instead, move to Connecticut! (just sayin'...) xox

doow said...

mmm, custard creams.

Antonia said...

Selfridges. The Cotswolds. Scratchy grey wool jumpers. Complaining. Oxford marmalade. The smell of tarmac roads after May rain. Ploughmans' lunches in pubs, ah, pubs.

I'll take a few scrapings from each of the above, put them in a paper bag and send it over.

slouching mom said...

Don't go pond-hopping!

Actually, if you'd still blog, I can't see what difference it would make in MY life. ;)

I think it's perturbing me because I know that you live not too far from me in the scheme of things and thus I can imagine I might actually meet you someday.

With you in England, that becomes harder to envision.

It's all about me, wouldn't you know.

Marmite Breath said...

I spent a good while looking at Antonia's blog yesterday and now think she is awesome!!

You are too. But don't move. Because I'll be jealous.

Fairly Odd Mother said...

My Austrian mama has been here over 40 years and is still not a citizen. My dad used to say that if we ever went to war with Austria, she'd be deported. She was like, "as if". . .

Birchsprite said...

Hooray come back to the UK ... go on you know you want to!

(and congrats on the Mamapop debut... v. funny!)