Traffic Jam--James Taylor

It's Blog Exchange time again, folks! This month we've been charged to write a post where we pick a song and write a post using the content of that song. My partner in crime here is Chrisanne.

After spending one too many evenings sitting in Boston traffic, Chrisanne is now a stay at home mom to two boys, ages 2 and 5. While on corporate-life hiatus, she's taken on new and exciting roles such as taxi driver, janitor, short order cook, and play date coordinator. She's most recently started documenting her days in
Life As I Know It.

Give her a big welcoming hand, folks (and check out her blog--it's fab)! And when you've done that, head on over to her place where you can read about my atrocious misinterpretation of Tom Petty.

4:35 pm: Out the door. Headed home. Thank God my boss let me have a flexible workday so I can blow out of work early, hit the road and pick up Tommy at daycare by 5. Life is good. I pity those poor suckers who have to stay at the office until 6pm and sit in Boston traffic for hours on end. Yahooooo for me.

4:38 pm: I love my car. Even though that "new car" smell is starting to fade, it still feels like a novelty. I love the leather seats and the seat wamers (especially wonderful after childbirth). I love the upgraded stereo system. I love the speeds this car can reach on an open highway.

4:40 pm: Pulled out of the office park complex and about to merge onto Route 3. Tonight I might even have time to put some chicken in the oven instead of some nuggets in the microwave.

4:41 pm: Oh crap. A bit of a backup getting onto the highway. Well, no worries. It's usually just a few idiotic drivers who don't understand what should be the seamless weaving motion of merging. Duh.

4:44 pm: Yikes, more idiots than I thought who don't know how to merge.

4:47 pm: Finally. On the move. Moving at a slow, but steady speed. Cranking up the tunes and rolling down the windows. A little behind schedule but should be at daycare by 5:10. 5:15 at the latest.

4:49 pm: Dead stop. Not moving. Blinded by a sea of brake lights.

4:51 pm: Have rolled a total of 6 inches.

4:55 pm: Had several blissful, hopeful moments of shifting into 2nd gear.

4:57 pm: I miss 2nd gear.

5:00 pm: Still not moving. Rolling up the windows. It's getting cold. And dark.

5:07 pm: Why do people want to change lanes when traffic is at a standstill?

5:11 pm: I have found 37 cheerios on the floor, 2 sippy cups filled with curdled milk now resembling feta cheese, 5 (??) maps of the Franklin Park Zoo, and a pair of scissors (huh?).

5:17 pm: Holy Mother of God, could it be? Am I really travelling at 36 miles per hour. Yahoooo.

5:23 pm: Merging onto 495. Only 6 more miles. I can still make it to daycare and home by 5:45 and have a few minutes to start dinner before Tommy starts his low blood sugar melt down.

5:24 pm: Construction next 5 miles.

5:25 pm: Head hurts. Must stop banging it against steering wheel.

5:31 pm: Why am I doing this? Why do I go to work to sit in an office to stare at excel spreadsheets to sit in traffic to be late picking up my kid to have someone else watch him during the best hours of the day? Why?

5:33 pm: I don't even like my job.

5:35 pm: And I hate this #@!#@*! car.

5:37 pm: Should have saved the money spent on stupid car and used it to start Stay At Home Mom Fund.

5:42 pm: Picked up Tommy. Apologized to daycare for being late. Again.

5:46 pm: Fed Tommy the floor-bound cheerios to stop the hunger induced whining. Was careful to pick out the linty ones.

5:50 pm: Have managed to hit every red light on a 2 mile stretch of road. Yay me.

5:54 pm: Tommy has scarfed down the remaining cheerios and is starting his full blown hunger induced whinefest. Or is that me? Can no longer distinguish between the voice in my head and the one in the backseat.

6:01 pm: Home. Finally. Chicken nuggets for dinner. Again.

Must leave earlier tomorrow.


Girl con Queso said...

Ouch. I was feeling your pain every minute of the journey.

Amanda said...

Ugh. I don't miss the Boston traffic. Enterprising mama feeding him Cheerios.

ozma said...

"Or is that me? Can no longer distinguish between the voice in my head and the one in the backseat."

Do you ever have that experience where you hear this whining/crying noise in the middle of the night and then go check and you realize your kid is sound asleep?

It's the echo. As soon as the silence, I hear the echo, echo, echo.

MamaLee said...
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MamaLee said...

I was RIGHT there with ya. I really liked when you took inventory of the bits about the car.

Thanks for sharing - great post.

slouching mom said...

Great song, and great post. Traffic is the thing that I cannot abide. My kids know it. If I ever let a curse word slip, you can be sure it is when I am driving. There are a lot of old people where I live, old people who brake for no apparent reason but then fail to brake when there's all the reason in the world. It drives me BATTY.

nutmeg said...

This REALLY made me laugh! I work from home thus have no excuse for the chicken nuggets, but we still have them often!

Mr Big Dubya said...

I don't miss that traffic at all...ever. Two years of Quincy to Reading via E'way - I know have tics whenever I hear the term Lower Deck, the tunnel or "all the way to the Braintree split."

Jenny said...

I feel ya, sister.

CrankMama said...

Do you have a bloody email add'y anywhere?

Or is this all top secret!

Glad you liked the SD post...


Damselfly said...

Ugh, you reminded me how very very very much I used to hate commuting. I mean, I still hate traffic, but as a new convert to SAHMism, I don't have the commute. Very funny!

Laura Lohr said...

I like the transition from loving the car to hating it. The seat warmers are fab too, aren't they.

"Or is that me? Can no longer distinguish between the voice in my head and the one in the backseat."


FishyGirl said...

Brilliant! As a veteran of DC traffic, I can totally relate.

karrie said...

I'm about to get into my car and take Mem Drive over the Smoots Bridge, down Mass. Ave and head for school.

This post hit close to home.:)

soccer mom in denial said...

Loved this! My commute involves the commuter rail then a 5 mile juggle to retrieve everybody. I have never had to resort to finding food on the floor of the van.

That was priceless.

Fairly Odd Mother said...

I think traffic ages us more than almost anything. Nice of you to pick out the linty ones. I would've called them 'fiber'.

Mimi said...

Hilarious. And also sad.

Anyone who drives in Boston is very brave ... almost as brave as people who risk walking there. Yikes. I have the most terrifying memories of street-crossing in Boston ...

Jenn said...

oh great...that makes me look forward even more excitedly (is that a word?) to heading back to work in June... :P