In Which I am Nominated for Parent of the Year Award..

Note to self: "Just because your first son never ever had a hint of diaper rash, and never ever seemed to mind lounging around in his own feces, this does not mean that Son #2 has inherited same superpowers (or rankness, depending on how you look at it...)"

Yes, after 2-3 hours of pretty consistent crying and arching of back (is it gas? is it gas? is it gas????) I whipped of his diaper to reveal what dim-lighted, middle-of-the-night-changing did not--a big red sore bottom that would make a baboon jealous. This is new territory for me, and I must learn to shirk of the incredibly lax diaper changing habits instilled by impervious-bottomed firstborn. ("he's asleep? he's go poo in his diaper? uhhhhm. let sleep reign...")

God I am a filthy lowlife...

BTW. Does Desitin go off after 4 years? Hopes not.


Country Mouse said...

If the Desitin doesn't do the trick... try Triple Paste. Works wonders.

DDM said...

Get the to the pharmacy! :-) I recommend Budreaux's Butt Paste. Seriously. Good stuff. And if nothing else, the name rocks.

Dee Dee said...

Also, Aquaphor is the BEST and FASTEST way to cure a diaper rash.

DDM said...

Ugh. I meant to say "Get THEE to the pharmacy".

Random Impressions said...

The good news is that #2 will potty train faster.

Random Impressions said...
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Random Impressions said...
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Random Impressions said...

When I say will, I mean "might", of course :)

Elizabeth said...

If you don't mind some advice, Kaitlyn had a terrible reaction to Balmex in the hospital, and ended up with a prescription diaper cream (hydrocortisone, Desitin Creamy and an antibiotic mixed together). After that, our doc said to use Aquaphor ointment and smear it on very thickly. It is still the best and fastest way to clear it up. Just remember, every kid's skin is different, you didn't do anything wrong!

Anonymous said...

Oh, and Aquaphor is clear and has no odor.

ozma said...

I was a leave-the-diaper-to-get-some-sleep mama. It's interesting that their crying is just as confusing the second time around! I remember never understanding why my kid was crying. 3-6 mos. I was sure it was teething. Why, every time I put her down in her crib, she'd grimace and scowl and make these bizarre noises, etc. She must be teething!

It took until she was about one for me to realize that she was actually pissed off and hated to be put alone in her crib EVER. Suddenly I realized that mellow baby of mine had the willfulness of Rasputin. They are mysterious creatures, these babies.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

My only babe is of the impervious butt variety, and I've felt very torn the few times he pooped in the middle of the night and fell back to sleep. Especially since he's never slept more than five hours in a row, until very recently.

Mom101 said...

This reminds me of my fears about #2 - in so many ways, Thalia was so easy, and I always hear that #2 takes the traits that are leftover. Eek!

Good luck with the rash. We reviewed some products on cool mom picks from Vedababy and the butt balm is absolutely wonderful, if you need something a little high-powered.

OddMix said...

Zinc Oxide and Petroleum Jelly never go bad. So Desitin is shelf stable! Woot.

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