Notes from the Baby Vortex

I'm baaa-aaack! Yes, I sit here typing trussed up like a *Thanksgiving Turducken to say a huge thanks for all the well wishes that came our way this last week (*this literary metaphor brought to you courtesy of watching way too many Food Network Thanksgiving Specials--this kid must think Paula Deen is Grammy).

Hubs ain't half bad is he? Of course, he still overtly states that blogging is largely for geek-nutjobs (including me) but this is from the man who took me and and precious cargo home from the hospital sporting a Dad Gone Mad t-shirt, so I am not in the least offended.

Hands up who winced at the 10lbs 1oz news? I know *I* fricking did! I am just utterly relieved that they didn't let me go 2 weeks past my due date. That notion makes my eyes water.

So, how are we doing? Pretty F. Good Actually. Though I did not voice it before, I was actually harboring some serious anxiety over how we would cope with two kids--especially one who is an infant. As I've said before, our first son--though now a pure and golden delight--was quite, uh, spirited straight out of the womb. I don't think any of us slept for about 5 months, and waking hours were spent in fraught 'screaming management' mode. (and anyone reading this who is dealing with a colicky infant, Hubs and I are here to testify that it will end, and you will end up with the child of your dreams. Honest.)

This baby (and let me not curse myself here) does miraculous things like take long naps, sit and stare from his baby seat, and wake up only a few times a night. He even produces delicate burps on demand when we pat his back. It's early days for sure, but I've really enjoyed this last week in the baby vortex. Beats working for a living (ha! yes, because becoming a walking Milk Machine is not "work";-))

The C-Section. I have unattractively revelled in the flow of praise I have received about being so brave about that part of things. Let me tell you, courage had nothing to do with it. After about 9 pushes where he shifted not an inch and memories of 3 plus hours pushing last one out, I was all, like, "go ahead and cut me open lady!" I did encounter a few moments of sheer terror in the operating room, which was all so "E.R.-like," and well, clinical (I've never had surgery before). And also panicked when they kept pricking me and saying "can you feel this? this? this?"-- "YES! YES! YES!" But that only lasted about 10 minutes. And the alternative would have been pretty dangerous as it turns out, so... (can't think about that one).

Also, being someone who can compare the healing process of the two procedures--yes, C hurts like a mother the first few days, but compared to healing with the mother of all episiotimies, it ain't half bad. And (faint of heart skip forward here) at least the "wound area" is not in the vicinity of other functional areas. I could, for instance, go #2 without gripping the toilet bowl and fearing that I would be split once more in twain. Small blessings, but I'll take 'em thanks... And then, of course, there's the lovely lovely Vicodin. Adminttedly, some things are a bit of a bitch--stairs for instance. They do hurt a bit. I don't have wireless (remember) and so venturing downstairs to the basement to check email, and blog, etc., was a bit of a challenge. (yes, yes. Must get me some wireless. STAT.) But I am not one to look an excuse to sit on her arse and watch copious amounts of television in the mouth.

Anyway, I promise to be less remiss on the blogging front, and I am looking forward to catching up with everyone else. Thanks all again for the warmness--we really appreciate it:)


Anonymous said...

I remember how eerie and wonderful it was, the way the Pie would be awake, and yet not crying. There's nothing like the You've-Earned-It baby, is there?

mothergoosemouse said...

Aaahhhhh - I missed the announcement! Congratulations to all four of you, but you especially!

You described my feelings about my first c-section PERFECTLY. The "clinical" nature of the room and the change in atmosphere from warm and fuzzy to cold and serious. I looked up at that light over the table and felt more frightened by that than I'd ever been by labor. And you hit the nail on the head regarding recovery too.

Looks like you and B&P got the "You've-Earned-It" baby on the second round. We received the "So-You-Thought-It-Would-Be-A-Cakewalk-Again-Did-You" baby on our second round...

Congrats again, and if I were nearby, I'd come over and install your wireless for you.

K said...

So glad you are doing well -- and for the frankness of the post.

It actually helped my bit of dread about the whole thing.

And in a good way.

Here's to more sleep and easier stair climbing. :)

Elizabeth said...

So glad to hear you and the baby are doing well! If you need any help or advice on going wireless, my husband is the guy to talk to. Let us know if we can help!

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear your recovery is going so well. I've only had one baby (by c-section) so I have nothing to compare but (Warning: TMI coming) I most certainly remember some white-knuckle moments on the toilet. I don't know why but it wasn't fun.

I remember being scared in the OR because it felt like I couldn't breathe properly, but the anesthesiologist assured me that it was normal to feel that way and I wouldn't actually stop breathing. All in all a pretty surreal experience... if you're ever interested or have time, my c-section story is the very first post on my blog.

Random Impressions said...

Welcome back. How is the boy reacting to the baby?

Anonymous said...

So glad you're back! I think if you have a spirited child first, the gods take pity on you and give you a much ...easier kiddo the second time around. That's how Boy 1 and 2 are.

Unless, of course, the gods have a mean sense of humor...

Mega Mom said...

Not sure if I should have read some of this on the eve of my little one's birth, but it did make me excited for a new baby in the house.

I'll let you know.

I'm glad things are going so well and will compare notes soon!

Mom101 said...

Make no such promises, m'dear. While I'm tickled to have you back, you post whenever you're good and ready.

And yeah, admitting to wincing at the 10 lb thing. Just yesterday one of our handymen "predicted" a boy for me, and he said 10 lbs, 23". I told him over my c-sectioned body. And look...I wasn't far off!

So happy for you Joy. Although I was sort of hoping you'd stay pregnant forever just because I was getting a kick out of all your "still waiiiiiitiiiiing" posts.

Jozet said...


I have been so out of the loop lately.

Many blessings to your family and your new wee one!

I had a c with my young lad, and at week 2 after I felt about 75% of normal, and by week 3, I was golden. And yes, I completely panicked when I saw the operating room. It meant business.


Many hugs and 10 pounds!!!! Wha...??!!!!

Get some rest.

ozma said...

Woman, how awesome are you? Blogging already after MAJOR ABDOMINAL SURGERY (my favorite description of my c-section--sounded so dramatic for something that lasted about 8 minutes). And with a newborn. You so rock.

Yay for mellow babies. We love them all the same but I think it's easier to be the radiant adoring mama with those few hours of sleep.

MrsFortune said...

Well, first and second children are supposed to be opposites in that way so may your relative calm continue indefinitely! And where the heck are those pictures? Huh?

Her Bad Mother said...

Congrats, again, and big pats on the back for your fortitude and bravery, because it doesn't matter whether you had no choice or were pushed to the brink or were shouting CUT ME OPEN - you *were* strong and brave and all that jazz. (gush gush)

(And, thank you for pointing out what nobody EVER talks about when talking about vaginal-birth recovery: FEAR OF THE SHIT.)

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Ele said...

Great to hear from you! I've been sending good thoughts from South Korea! Did I miss the name? Or is he going to be subjected to 'child 2' for a long time (it never did any harm to me...)

Jenny said...

Ten pounds, one ounce.

Still hurts to think about it.

So glad you're back!!

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lildb said...

I can't believe I missed it, but I'm really happy you're feeling as good as you sound. unless you're lying. in which case, I'm still happy for you for at least feeling good enough to crawl down to the basement and blog.

and congratulations on the new little family member. :)

DDM said...

Thank you for acknowledging what I KNEW had to be true of the benefit of a C-section....the not having to defacate across stitches. I've long believed that I'd much rather heal from a C-section than a big fat episiotomy followed by a bigger fatter tear. I cannot believe I am trying to get pregnant again having just written that.
Oh, and...Congratulations! :-)