OK--this is my last one.... maybe

This skit reminds me of quite why I love French and Saunders so much. Dawn French prancing around as a prima ballerina, explaining how she "just can't help but be petite and beautiful.. I even hold my cup of tea beautifully..."

Well...it just is beautiful. Seriously.

I grew up with these ladies, and a healthy dose of French and Saunders as a teenager in the 80s can do wonders for the self-esteem of a spotty girl. I wanted to be like *them.* To not give a shit, like *them.* 20 years on, and a bit of F&S can still restore the spirit and put a bit of perspective on life. And give me carte blanche demonstrate how a T-Rex (probably) bellows for my son, or do (drunken) robotics dancing for house guests. (those luckies).

French and Saunders--thanks for giving me the gift of no shame. Us ladies need more of that. xxxx.


neva said...

i ADORE French and Saunders ( i was just talking about them the other day on WA...). too funny, girlfriend! (don't be surprised to find this on the Snark in the future, because video blogging may be a total and complete cop-out, but who gives a shit? certainly not me!!) xoxo

DD said...

I'm laughing because I had those exact tights back in the 80's! Exactly!

Well, without the band-aid.

Lisa b said...

Yes we need more of this. Thanks for posting it.
Truly a salve for the spotty teenager in all of us.

Marmite Breath said...

Joy, I love that you love them.

I went to see them in Leicester in the 80's and they were hilarious! It is one of my most favourite memories. I was taken by a 20- something friend of the family who didn't have kids and who loved to take me out and "treat" me. I loved her to bits. I will never forget Dawn French coming into the audience and snogging some unsuspecting man.

Oh, and in the spirit of bragging, I also have a signed photo of the both of them (my Mum used to work at Tesco's with somebody who was related to them).

Bragging over. But now I must go and watch some F&S immediately!