sisterhood of the ever-expanding maternity pants--pending

Got back last night from the 3 day roundtrip roadtrip to St. Louis (9 hours, baby) with two of my oldest friends, and want to do justice to all that female bonding and empowerment that went on so not writing about it yet (there is nothing like a trip with old friends to make 9 hours go by like THAT, and your throat to get sore from TALKINGSOFUCKINGMUCH). In the meantime, and light of BlogHer afterglow, check out this UCLA study on Friendship Among Women (thanks Jen) and silently nod your head. (For the record, I am naturally suspicious of biologically determinist claims regarding gender. Unless that claim is agreeable to me, and then I suck that shit up)

Anyway, I want to do justice to the experience, and as work is a freaking circus right now and I have a DENTAL EMERGENCY (please hold me I am very, very pussylike right now) I cannot focus to write.

Yes, one highlight of return trip was eating Subway Sammich and swallowing big chunk of backtooth along with a masticated mouthful of Italian Meats. It's really quite a breathtaking experience. I recommend it.

This means unavoidable mouth x-rays and dental work in about an hour.
This means dental drilling sans nitreous oxide gas.
This means mild hysteria and lapsing into tears on my part (bring on the pitocin, bring on the contractions, bring on episiotomy and the stitches and the pathological fear of bowel movements, but, get that fucking gum-needle bearing novocaine & dental drill OUT OF here. What's that leather thing? Why are you strapping me down? AAaaaaaHHH).

Other news. Big Fuck Off Television now installed. With surround sound. Not sure how I feel about surround sound yet. There is something about all that rumbling coming from the living room at 7:30am as son watches Finding Nemo postbreakfast (while we caffienate, shower, dress, style hair, put on mask, make lunch, put together napbucket, have minor breakdown...) --it amplifies my sense of being slacker-parent when it comes to healthy tv habits. But Netflix is delivering Sin City today, so there always that to really fuck him up with...

BlogHer-ites. Welcome back!


Mom101 said...

Well, just so long as it was your own tooth that you swallowed in that subway sandwich.

Thanks for the link. Heading there now...

Mother said...

Ugh. That does not sound like fun, my friend.

I'll send you numbing vibes. :)

ozma said...

Oh, man, the dental emergency. I'd rather have something happen to my innards than to have a dental emergency.

Remember that dentists will prescribe tranquilizers if you can find a dentist nice enough to understand.

My teeth are very pre-modern. Or at least the back ones are. If paleontologists looked at my dentition they would totally think I'd spent some time eating rocks.

Hope it goes OK.

It makes me sad to read about women's friendships. I was the queen of women's friendships and have no women's friendships now, alas.

virtualsprite said...

Oh, the horrors of going to the dentist! You definitely have my deep and eternal sympathy. But I'm with Mom-101 on the own tooth thing. Much better that swallowing someone else's, no matter how horrible the dentist visit.

Paco said...

Oh, suck it up. As a child, my dentist, who also proclaimed that he was trained in child-psychology, slapped his hand over my baby-crying-louth and yelled "shut up"!!! And yet, I still find that getting a haircut is more traumatic (maybe b/c father would shave half my head and when I would run, he would tell me "well, you look like a fool; let me finish it now." And now I am off to sacrifice various living things to the god moloch!

lildb said...

omg. sin city on the big, fuck-off (is that, perchance, a hat tip to senor Izzard, or do all the English use that term?) television. sounds like a gritty, shudder-inducing piece of heaven, baby.

also. dentistry. eeeeeeek.

*big hug for your dentistry issues.*

themikestand said...

Ouch. Sorry 'bout your dental woes. Also, I like the new page design. when did this happen? have I been a slave to Bloglines too long?

macboudica said...

Sin City is an awesome movie.

What terrible timing for dental problems! Poor, poor you.

Joel said...

Ah yes, crumbling teeth...hate it when that happens, it's just so damn unnerving.

Three cheers for the Big Fuck Off Television AND surround sound. You are now one of US and soon you won't be able to live without it.