How to Feel Like the World's Best Parent, Spouse and general Human Being

Do you ever question yourself as a parent, and feel that your relationship with your offspring could use improvement?

Do you ever feel trapped in a loveless relationship where communications have all but broken down, and you dream of freedom, of divorce, of untimely death (not your own)?

Well I have the solution. Check out TLC's Shalom in the Home and I guarantee that you will feel like the world's most patient, well-adjusted, and loving parent that ever existed. Your children will be reborn in your eyes as the angels they truly are. Your marriage will never seem so strong, so healthy, so nurturing, so based on mutual respect.

Because if nothing else, if things are bad, you've got NUTH'N on the people Rabbi Schmoley attempts to patch up and heal. Seriously. It's restorative food for the soul.

(Actually, I really do like Schmuley and his advice. He's like the Jewish Rabbi Father I never had. I want to cuddle him)


Binkytown said...

Shalom in the home? That's brilliant! Thanks for the suggestion! PS- The answer to all your questions is no- (ha!right.)

toyfoto said...

I'm going to hafta check that out seeing as how last week I was "widow" shopping for any number of red dresses I might wear to my hub's funeral ... someday in the sooner or later.

Motherhood Uncensored said...

Yeah. I've seen it. Are we TLC junkies or what?

Trish said...

I like him too. He seems very quick in tuning into the problems and he's certainly smart about family dynamics and has great ideas for helping.
I loved visiting your blog btw. Great writing and pictures.

Mom101 said...

I've seen ads but never the show. Thanks for the heads up! If GINGA likes it, I'm all over that shalom shiznit.

Mega Mom said...

OK, I've never heard of that, but thanks. Kind of like trading spouses and nanny 911 make me feel :)

neva said...

after we burned out on Trading Spaces, TLC has kind of been "dead" to us. but if this show can cause my children to be "reborn" in my eyes... i am quite willing to resuscitate!

thanks! xox

supa said...

You're making me wish I had cable. I LOVE cuddly rabbis. For now I have to make do with Supernanny: cuddly Brit.

Anonymous said...

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