i really shouldn't be writing this....

I've just spent some time bitching to co-workers about having WAY too many things to do. Instant messaging husband over "having hideous, hideous day. WAAAAHHHH!" I am sick of hearing myself complaining about having too much to do. Yes. I really should just get on with my jobs. Yes. I should. But first an iddy-biddy blog entry.

Like many of you, I got my pithy Momsrising.org Mother's Day card via email yesterday. It's luverly:

M is for maternity leave when she made me..... [right on!!!]
O is for the open, flexivble schedule she needs [yes, i neeeeeed that...!]
T is for the T.V. from which she saved me [HUH? Wha?]
H is for my health care free form greed [yeah!!!]
E means excellent child care with love-light shining [yes, all entitled to that]
R means realistic wages in her job so she doesn't need three [too right]

I know. I know. Kids do need saving from t.v. in many ways. Childhood obsesity epidemic. Alarming statistics about how t.v. is used too much as babysitter. Unstemmed tide of advertizing and submiminal messages about sugar = "part of this balanced breakfast" and all that....

But I was chatting with my friend over lunch yesterday, and both of us confessed to how television is a vital and much revered component of getting one's shit together after work/daycare, when at 6pm--although you need to be spending quality one-on-one time with your kiddy, you also need to be doing other things, like preparing something for them to eat. Or sitting with a stiff cocktail as you stare blankly at Berenstain Bears.

We both cracked up as I recounted to her how, the evening before, a neighbor had stopped by at around 6:30 and for bloody once, instead of seeing my son absorbed in Sprout, he was with me in the kitchen and we were drawing pictures and cutting shapes... And I felt so smugly proud that he had happened to stop by at this juncture.

As my friend cracked: it was a "Take my picture now. I am a good mommy..." moment

So Happy Mother's day, folks! And remember, take those pictures ONLY when you are engaged in interactive play with wooden dolls or homemade play-dough or somesuch. It's the law.


Motherhood Uncensored said...

I am so guilt-laden when I put the tube on for my 6am rising daughter, however, it's the only way she won't cry when the sitter comes - that and gummy lifesavers.

She gets about 1-2 hours a day at the most - and that's just how it is.

Suburban Turmoil said...

I agree. TV is absolutely necessary. How else would she learn to say Ayudeme, if not for Dora?!

neva said...

yeah yeah--guilt over TV has been around for quite a little while... i'm sure my mom wishes she'd thought twice before allowing my sister and i to watch so many hours of looney tunes, back when we were kids. especially since so many from our generation wound up either working for acme and/or tried to jump off a cliff attached to an anvil! (i'm just saying...)

it's all about perspective, and from my perspective, there are many many worse things around than TV. (of course, TV pays the bills around here, so maybe i'm not the best person to ask!)

happyhappy mother's day, Joy! and thank you for sharing that lovely "card". pithy, indeed!

Amy (binkytown) said...

I won't say I'm ashamed that my 15 month old wakes up every morning and asks for Boobah or that I put it on for him and we both get a smooth start to the day. Maybe Ill change my mind about that when he's 12, but for now- I say if you watch it together and talk about what you see ( most of the time ) whats the harm in that?
PS- I linked to you in today's link-love blog fest thing- stop by if you have time :)

Mom101 said...

I think they mean the bad tv...referring to one of their goals in ridding the world of crap like the N spot game. (heh) a little too early for that org to be making inside references though, methinks.

Happy mday to you too mama/mama to be. Enjoy!

mama_tulip said...

I love television. I'm not ashamed to admit it, either. And when it's the only thing that keeps my kid from standing infront of the shower and screaming while I'm in it, I use it. LOL.

sunshine scribe said...

Without a TV show or two I'd never get to shower. Ever.

Great, honest post my friend.

Happy Mother's Day to you!!

Mega Mom said...

I need to get out my camera today. Let me just turn off Dora first!

zeldafitz said...

OH MAN you hit a nerve. I can write this on YOUR blog, since it's not mine, but that conference I just went to was on TV AND CHILDHOOD obesity.

Nothin' like listening to The Ivory Tower AND THE gov't tsk tsk TVs and parents' reliance on them. One person got up and suggested advising parents to have junior "help with dinner" instead of turning on the TV. Yes, that is possible, but not every night, not with several kids and maybe not an option for, say, a single mom who is working 2+ jobs to make ends meet. GET REAL!

Now I'm as guilt ridden as the next Joe, and I try like hell to make sure it's "educational" and not on all the time, but there is just no denying that a lot of times it's the only way to make dinner/take a shower/unwind/read 2 paragraphs of the paper/ etc. Oh yeah, and hoove a stiff one or two whilst contemplating our lives of quiet desperation...

MrsFortune said...

I love the Berenstein Bears! They go great with some sour apple schnapps and a huge pour of Grey Goose. Couldn't be better. :-)

Anonymous said...

If my daughter isn't watching porn I think I'm doing a good job. (Luckily she doesn't even like porn that much!)


michelle/weaker vessel said...

Yeah, let's just say I'm firmly Team TV. Also, I don't really like Madonna and the Super-Libs who dismiss the entire medium as unwholesome out of hand. I can't even tell you how many kids in my so-called gifted clique learned to read, at least in part, by watching Sesame Street.

sweatpantsmom said...

Ha! I can so relate to this post.

Before I had kids, I was all, "My kids will nevah, evah watch TV, and when they do, it will be PBS."

Now? I'm with you, on that couch and staring at the screen. Only for me, it's not Bernstein Bears, it's Hannah Montana. I'm staring at. That's right - situational comedy as education.

macboudica said...

Man, without PBS kids I would be the stinkiest mom on the block. Not to mention, dinner would NEVER get made, no one would have clean undies, etc. Earlier this year my TV dies and I thought I would, too. I have the TV on in the background usually on Nick or PBS Kids, but the kids aren't always watching it--they are usually climbing on the tables, turning chairs into forts and smashing cars into each other. Sometimes, when they need a break, they sit down and watch it, but then they are off again. All I know is that they are picking up counting and letters and it is not like I sit down and do drills every night with them. So is it rotting their brains? Who really knows.