crazy, hip, blogging mommy (who needs her mouth washed out with soap?)

hmmm. have just signed up onto CrazyHipBlogMammas (because i am joiner you see). in rules and guidelines, they say that "profanity" is allowed, but "if every other word is an expletive, this might not be the ring for you." i completely understand.

as of now, my application is "pending approval."

hmmm. do i fall under that "profanity" definition? fuck dear oh dear me. i simply don't know. i do so loves the swear words. (and here in michigan i can apparently get away with saying the most appalling things because my profanity is gently flowered with a british accent--a "cor blimey, let's put the kettle on an 'ave a cuppa tea shall we darlin'?" screeching type of accent, but british nonetheless).

yes, i am a shameless whore bad lady. i suppose, like history, those crazy hip bloggy mommas will be the judge.


sunshine scribe said...

Swearing is always permissible with a good brit accent. In fact I think that might even count as cultured or refined :)

MrsFortune said...

Yeah you'll pass, baby! Don't worry.

You live in MI? Where the hell have I been - whereabout? That's where I'm from ... bloody ... cheeky ... crisps .... lift ... etc.

Kristen said...

I'm a joiner too - welcome to the club. I say fuck a lot - and they haven't thrown me out just yet.

And I lived MI for awhile as well..

weaker vessel said...

I briefly considered joining that ring, but I have three chief objections:

1) Curtail my use of profanity? Fuck no. This is America, bitches! Have you ever heard of the motherfucking first Amendment 'n' shit? It specifically protects the right of 30something mothers to sublimate their ids through the egregious use of curse words on any and all personal web sites.

2) I am philosophically and aesthetically opposed to any endeavor that ironically or unironically employs the term 'hip.' It's akin to my automatic boycott of any business establishment whose name includes 'classy,' 'class,' the dreaded 'klassy,' or any other variation thereof.

3) There is no room amidst the maximalist landscape of my already cluttered sidebars for a ring button.

Um, I hope this comment doesn't adversely impact your approval? First amendment, bitches!

Joel said...

If I'm not mistaken the right to curse is the fifth amendment of the American Bill of Rights. It's widely known that our founding fathers, brothers, uncles, second cousins or whatever they were, swore like pirates...around the pub it was always f**k the King this and f**k the King that...in fact, many young soon to be "Americans" actually grew up thinking that was his name...F**K the King.

Mom101 said...

What do they expect? Every other word to be HOMESCHOOL! JESUS! QUILTING! SCRAPBOOKS!

Nah. You're one of us.

weaker vessel said...

BTW, I applied, too!

For those in the back, a quick recap.


1) Talk shit.
2) Mull it over.
3) Embrace it.

Eryn said...

I just joined the crazy ring as well, and found your site.. Hi! :) Love the Dr Sears post! He creeps me out.

Anonymous said...

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