awwwww.... thanks folks

first of all, let me say a massive thanks for all the sweet messages that greeted my post yesterday. you guys, seriously... (dabs eyes, wipes nose on sleeve).

so yup, we're nine (or is it ten, or eleven?) weeks in... and herein lies the first stark contrast between pregnancy #1 , and #2.

preg 1: "so, how many weeks are you?":

"6 weeks, 4 days, depending on when you begin counting. ha! right now it has a tail, ears, and webbed hands and feet. by next week it will have genitalia. it's brain cells are expanding at a rate of.....hey, want to see a picture? [pause] hang on, let me pull up babycenter.com. ain't it cute, in a shrimp-like, lima bean kind of way? hand me my carbonated water with fennel
extract, will you?"

and so and so forth...

preg 2: "so, how many weeks are you?":

"whah? oh. yeah. uhm [mentally calculates, comes up short]. about 9 or 10 weeks i think. yeah, thassright. i must remember to update my babycenter profile. hand me my cappucino, would you?"

of course, i am being a touch disingenuous, but there really is a marked difference. for instance, i was convinced that in the first pregnancy i was just as SICK as SICK could be, and lost 12 lbs to prove it (don't worry, i hastily piled on SIXTY in my second two trimesters--Can anyone say "hey, i feel GOOD. Gimme a bacon sammich. ASAP!").

question--am i more or less sick now? i think less, but this might be less a physical thing than the inability to wallow in it as i did before (how many times could i have googled "morning sickness" for chrissakes?) a 3yr old, a full time job, and a better perspective of what is in store forces one to suck it up, i think. i've not even cracked open a pregnancy book, and dr. sears and i parted ways when numero uno was about 5 months (that's for another post--but i'll warn ya--it's a rant).

and of course, i am strong. so very, very strong...


Mega Mom said...

If you think the pregnancy is different, wait till you see what you'll let the second one do:))

zeldafitz said...

Glad you gave Dr. Sears the boot. My favorite buncha hogwash he spewed was about how you and your hubs could sneak off to the closet to have a quickie whilst junior slumbered in the "family bed." Grrrr. Give us the rant, will ya?

Isn't it funny how the times they a change? With my second two (14 mos apart), people would always ask how old they were and I'd be like, "Uh, I dunno..."


neva said...

i worked through preg. #2... up to the 9th month (my baby was 3 weeks late. and huge. so was i. huge, that is.)

despite the fact that i ballooned ever-so-much-faster the second time around, my second pregnancy was a lot easier for me. so was the delivery. the child, on the other hand? whole different story.

i was also less nervous about stuff... and the only thing i almost regretted was not being as diligent with his baby book (i say almost, because when he was around 3 1/2 i sat down one day and filled in as many pages as i could!)

hang in there, girlfriend--i suspect you're gonna have a fabulous pregnancy! : D